Sunday, July 12, 2009

What this is not.....

I felt it was important in the early days of this blog to set down what I don't want the blog to be, in short "What it ain't"....

....We already have quite a few people who put forth the view of an emasculated Christ who love's everyone and will never call you to account for your actions or lack thereof. These views will not be espoused here at Warriorpriests.

....Although I alluded to it in the second post, my aim here is not to apply the "Warrior" branding to every little thing and overuse the word to the point that it loses all meaning. This blog is not about buzzwords.

....I don't intend to write a bunch of "feel good" pieces. A member of my immediate family has a term she uses: Brass knuckle Christianity. That quite fits.

....I'm going to try to keep the signal:static ratio as favorable as possible on this blog. One reason that I haven't kept to the schedule that I was aiming for in Post Two is that I'm a perfectionist about some things. To the point of being a jerk about it sometimes. It's taking me longer than I envisioned to churn out content that I'm happy with and that I feel doesn't waste the valuable 10-20 minutes of your life that you spend reading it. Although, I do reserve the right to goof off a bit occasionally. Looking at things from a Biblical perspective, partying is as vital as any other act in being able to go the distance.

So, that's it for this post. I'll see if I can't get something up that has actual merit tonight.

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